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Hello everyone, long time no post. I hope you are all doing well! Below, I put together a list of my must-haves every time I travel. Take a look! Disinfecting Wipes – Hand Sanitizer – Portable Charger – Sunscreen – Travel Adapter – Mini First Aid Kit – TravelContinue reading “Travel Essentials”

Book Recommendations

Hi everyone! I am an active reader. I love cracking open a good book and getting lost in it. One of my favorite times to read is, you guessed it, while traveling! Whether it’s on a flight, on the beach or at the pool, reading while on vacation always relaxes and calms me. Here areContinue reading “Book Recommendations”

Not Traveling Could Be The Biggest Regret Of Your Life

I recently came across an article that stated the biggest regret among elders was not traveling more often. “Over and over, the elders revealed that their greatest life regret was not travelling enough. Some thought it was too expensive, some put it off after having children, whilst others decided to wait until retirement, often byContinue reading “Not Traveling Could Be The Biggest Regret Of Your Life”

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