Wonderful Day and Night Affirmations

Hell everyone! I wanted to share with you all some daily affirmations that I find very beneficial. They work very well for me, and I hope they work well for you too. If you are unfamiliar with affirmations, the best way I can describe it is basically you manifesting and affirming positive energy into your life via sentences you say and/or jot down.

You can print them out, stick them on your mirror, or like I said, jot them down. It doesn’t matter. It’s whatever works for you and what you choose to do. Just remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. I recommend saying them out-loud and writing them down in your own journal. Putting my thoughts down on paper always helps me!

These are affirmations to repeat to yourself each morning when you wake up to have a bright and wonderful day!

  • “This day will provide me with the right opportunities.”
  • “I have an unlimited ability to make my day special.”
  • “I am thankful to the universe for providing me with a great day to enjoy.”
  • “I am always walking on the path to success.”
  •  “This day will bring joy into my life.”
  •  “I sense that I can reach success and reach my goals in life.”
  • “I am here on this earth to be a successful person throughout my lifetime.”
  • “My thoughts are powerful tools that can create miracles.”
  • “I am confident that today will bring fantastic surprises.”
  • “I attract good things today and every day ahead of me.”

These are affirmations to repeat to yourself each night before heading off to a comfortable and deep sleep!

  •  “I am thankful for today.”
  • “I choose calm. I choose peace.”
  • “I am enough and I did enough today.”
  • “I am proud of myself.”
  • “I release the anxieties and stress of the day.”
  • “Everything I did today is leading me to a better tomorrow.”
  • “Even if things didn’t happen how I wanted, I know I am on the right path to success.”
  • “Everything that happened today is bringing me closer to my goals.”
  • “I’m grateful for all that I learned today.”
  • “While I sleep, the Universe is moving things in my favor.”

There are so many more affirmations out there to check out, and you can even create your own. Remember, it’s about what works for you. If you’d like more affirmations and manifestations I have provided a link to my posts about Mindfulness and Self-Care books on Amazon that I recommend. There are a couple in both posts regarding affirmations. Self-Love and Self-Care are so important!

I am also including some affirmation podcasts on Spotify for all my Spotify users out there to listen to! Please enjoy!

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