About Me

Hi everyone! 🙂 My name is Payton! Writing, Traveling and Self-Care are all things I hold near and dear to my heart.

I enjoy taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Growing up in Chicago, by the time I was five years old I had already visited Tokyo, Brussels, and lived in Singapore for six months. Since then, I have had the incredible opportunity of traveling to and living in places such as The U.K, Italy, Panama, Belize, The Dominican Republic, Aruba and France.

Writing is one of the ways I am able to express myself. It’s a feeling so satisfying to me. It feels like a sense of freedom. Now, self-care is something I have recently gotten into. I have always struggled with staying in the present moment, and allowing myself the ability to relax and unwind. So, my path of self-care and mindfulness is a life long journey I am excited to be on.

I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge, experiences and on-going voyage with anyone that would like to hear!

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