My Amazing Time In Savannah, Georgia

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Savannah, Georgia at the beginning of this year, in January 2022. Prior, I had only been to Atlanta, Georgia so this was my first time in Savannah and despite the abnormal cold weather, it did not disappoint. What a beautiful and historic city! You could just feel the history as it swept through the Southern air. I passed a wall that was there during The Revolutionary War. The trees were lavish and enormous. There were palm trees everywhere, so it looked similar to a tropical island. There were the cutest little shops, boutiques and restaurants. On every corner there was something to walk into. The homes were beautiful. Very old-fashioned and large. There were several stores and eateries inspired by “Gone With The Wind”. I managed to purchase a Vivien Leigh poster (my favorite actress). I also bought some seashells, a keychain and an egg container, which is weird to say, but it was decorated so beautifully!

Perhaps, my favorite part of Savannah was the people. The Southern hospitality was so very real. Everyone I met was friendly and inviting. They talked to me as if we had been friends for awhile. They gave me and my family suggestions on where to go and what to see.

I stayed in a very interesting hotel, The JW Marriott on the Savannah River. It was unlike any place I’ve stayed at before. It was rather industrial which was completely different from the energy of Savannah. I loved the unique décor! There were several places to eat around the “campus”. I call it the campus because the hotel had two buildings across from each other. It was right on the river, so the view was breathtaking. And along the river there were of course so many things to see and do like artwork, performers, etc.

But, I simply can’t talk about Savannah without talking about the famous cookie shop, Byrds! The store was only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. It was packed full of people from all over. I believe I tried probably around 10 different free samples, but settled on Chocolate Chip, Key lime and Almond Shortbread. They were so delicious and different from any cookies I have had in the past! And they’re small, so it’s easy to eat so many of them (I have a major sweet tooth I can’t lie)!

Below are some pictures I took during my time there. I hope you enjoy them and get the chance to experience Savannah for yourself! You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Images from the hotel I stayed in:

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