Movies That Will Make You Want To Travel

Movies transport you right to the heart of of some of the world’s most romantic, vibrant and adventurous destinations. Here’s some of my favorite movies as well as a few others that will allow you to dream now and travel later. “Mamma Mia!” The Greek Island of Skopelos gets its moment in the sun inContinue reading “Movies That Will Make You Want To Travel”

Sanitizing Tips For When You’re Ready To Travel

The corona virus pandemic has put a new focus on everyday tasks, from washing your hands to making sure surfaces are sanitized. This increased attention to health and safety will be apart of the new normal when regular travel resumes. Here are some tips to keep in mind before your next trip. Include sanitizing wipesContinue reading “Sanitizing Tips For When You’re Ready To Travel”

Advice For Solo Travelers

As someone that has traveled to and lived in foreign countries, I wanted to create a post dedicated to advice for solo travelers, particularly female solo travelers. The first tip I can give to any solo traveler is to do your Google’s! Research the destination you are traveling to. Learn about their culture, customs, traditionsContinue reading “Advice For Solo Travelers”